Why it's important to Spread The Gospel of Logic

In today’s world there has arisen a battle between indoctrination and reason. Which is the “right way” to think? Which is the “right ” ideology to pass on to your children? While many might cry indoctrination, spreading what we've termed the Gospel of Logic is really, in our opinion, critical to the further development of our species.

Passing on logic and the ability to scrutinize to children is so important because you want to teach your children to think critically and analyze things for themselves. Indoctrination encourages children to believe that they should just accept religious ideas without having any proof that they are real. Indoctrination also teaches that if you think a certain way you're better than other people and your thinking is infallible, no matter what.

Spreading the gospel of critical thinking is a great way to show people how to pick up critical introspection. Tell others that it is ok to question the way people think, act or the ideas they have. The only way to get things solved is to continue to think about it critically, mull it over and let it grow mentally.

Spreading the gospel of logic to deeply religious people can be very refreshing.  Do not always assume that religious people won't listen, because this is a myth. There are a lot of open minded religious people who are looking for new ways to think and explaining logic and reason to them can make a big difference.

Do not get discouraged when one or two people turn away from critical thinking. Spreading the gospel of logic is no easy task, but the benefit is immeasurable.

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